QFJ 800-1600E Servo Drive Automatic Slitting and Rewinding M

This machine is suitable for jumbo roll slitting and rewinding. It can work on kraft paper, ivory board paper, photographic paper, aluminum foil, PVC plastic, non-woven, etc. reel material.
Function& Feature:
1.High slitting precision, LCD touch screen +PLC controlling, easy to operate and convenient for maintenance. Running stably at high speed.
2.Adopted three sets of servo motor and driver, automatic constant tension system, which ensure speed accelerating value increased evenly.
3.Adopted double (upper and lower) rewinding shafts with center rewinding method.  Hydraulic shaftless loading stand for unwinding is optional.


Slitting and Rewinding Machine、Sheeting Machine、Coating & Lamination Machine、Gravure Press


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